Our web site suggestion

  • presence: basic web site with with potentiality of development. Care of the internet learning in the place
  • company: web site with database features, intranet and reserved access to data (back-end)
  • e-commerce: web-application with e-commerce and safety issues

For every solution we can provide hosting on our servers and client system connectivity.

Our servers are 100% renewable energy; our solutions, hardware, software, networking, are designed to contain environmental impact, especially on the human environment (reduction of switching cost), giving priority to people empowerment.


  • MAD: Multi-Accessible Database. Custom Database with different channel/interface

Our services

We privilege web applicatione with datadase connection that usually require particular demands on the server.

Around this target are other services:
from system analisys and configuration to setting physical network; from structuring database to webdesign; from electronic documentation to the inside training course.

  • Database: analysis, structure and development of database
  • Dba: administration of complex database
  • System: consulting and implementing of server system and networking
  • Webdesign: use of dhtml object, flash animation, css style webdesign.
  • Networking: installation of network and server, cross-platform solution, integraion internet-intranet.
  • Support on PC and server, hardware and software
  • Training courses from basic to programming and database
  • Electronic documentation: from paper to e-doc, web and cd solution and tools
  • Software for win-pc and mac: database managment software, utility program for engineer, educational hypertext, multimedial CD

Group towards free software

Associations, cooperatives, groups or single often require to be followed in crossing from proprietary software and operating system to free software (gnu software, gnu-linux, open source programming). This crossing is even cultural and technical.

  • why free softwware?: first meeting to prospect the answer of free software to the demand.
  • linux server: choice, acquisition, installation and configuration of server and services: file, web, dns, print, mail, firewall
  • training: courses for group on linux and free software. Training for the network and software administrator.
  • multiplatform integration: solution for integrating in the lan different OS (mac win linux).

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Milano - Italy


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