Alekospuntonet knows the paths of the net and
drive client toward the selected target.
Just like some alpine guides
with which, talking
a little during
the walk,
it reveal new paths,
new horizons are explored to
reach finally the desired destination.
Graphics, images, video, audio, animations
are the equipment we recommend for
our excursions on the web, but in the rucksack
we carry the experience with database,
physical and logical networking.

The net is collaboration,
contact, relationship between agents
that participate to his evolution. For this reason
the group has a preference for contaminations and exchanging
with user of the net and with who realize some fragments.
We put our knowledge also in compex web project in
cooperation with other team and company. is part of and it
shares the spirit of mutuality,
multidiscipline and

v. bartolini, 25 - 20155

Milano - Italy

p.iva 02420670347

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